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"Borat": Very Nice . . . . For Him

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"Borat":  Very Nice . . . . For Him Empty "Borat": Very Nice . . . . For Him

Post  98% Cack Free on Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:10 am

"Borat":  Very Nice . . . . For Him Stalinborat

I had never intended to watch this but a fellow on another fora said it was a must see. So, I cranked it up knowing that he had been in my hometown filming for it.

The first segment was out of sequence for the the trips geography. It opened with a channel 16 logo and showed Borat speaking with out local news/color guy Brad McMillan. He gave Brad some minor fits and started to wander around the set. Borat then broke in on the weather guy doing live weather and they had a few tense moments trying to get him off out the cameras way. When "Borat" opened here, McMillan (on air) that Cohen had made fools of them all. They had no idea it was a real film being made and only knew after they left and later sought releases. It also looked as if he may have talked to a loan officer here also but I haven't nailed that scene down as yet. And the Krystal scene looked very familiar as well.

Another biggie was him wandering into the Pentecostal service. It showed our former Rep. Congressman Chip Pickering speaking to the congregation before for a brief moment. First I didn't know Pickering was a Pentecostal. Secondly, that was filmed shortly before he made the announcement he would not be seeking reelection. It was a shocker and a few months later it slipped out he was caught up in a big time adultery case. Pickering's wife went to Scorn City and the further he could get from the spotlight the better. Pickering was going to be big one day: governor or senator.

To me the best part was the naked hotel wrestle with his morbidly obese producer. I nearly split my spleen open during that entire sequence. Cohen has got a lot of yarbles to do that then run through the corridors of a large hotel landing on a convention stage.

Borat is a happening, not a film. More of a string of gags shooting for the lowest common denominator. If you haven't seen it it's worth while as he traveled from NYC to Atlanta and across through the south.

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"Borat":  Very Nice . . . . For Him Empty Re: "Borat": Very Nice . . . . For Him

Post  Graham Peck on Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:29 pm

I'd make out with Borat. He's better looking than me in-aws.

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