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"TinTin": Spielberg takes a giant dump . . .

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"TinTin":  Spielberg takes a giant dump . . .  Empty "TinTin": Spielberg takes a giant dump . . .

Post  98% Cack Free on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:22 pm

"TinTin":  Spielberg takes a giant dump . . .  Tintin-movie-twins-thumb-560xauto-41804

Never knew TinTin as a child. I lived in Huck Finn territory. Why Spielberg thought this would be a compelling movie is beyond me.....the cast is almost exclusively Brits playing the parts of Frenchmen with zero accent adjustment.

The oddity is that each character is about 50% CGI and 50% human. Heads and faces are mostly the CGI part and I wished that was available for some people I know in real life. Anyway, the movies is LOOOONG and boring. I don't understand where all the good reviews came from unless das Spieler had his mafia out. I nearly died wishing it would be over.

Maybe adults need to go see something else while Judy and Biff giggle at TinTin's cowlick.

2 outta 5

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